The three "Big B´s" of the Pfalz

Over  100 years ago, the three “Big B´s” of the Pfalz, Reichsrat von Buhl, Geheimer Rat Dr. von Bassermann-Jordan in Deidesheim and  Bürklin-Wolf in Wachenheim created the great reputation of  Pfalz wine. Their wines were served at royal tables, at special occasions (like the opening of Suez Canal…) and were among the most honoured and most expensive wines in the world! 

In this tasting you will have the opportunity  to compare the wine-styles of these three legendary  Riesling Estates  from light and crisp “estate Riesling” , juicy and elegant wines of the “classified vineyard sites”, complex “Grosses Gewächs” (literally = Grand Crus). Finally a noble sweet wine will be served!

up to 10 persons:   750,- EUR 
up to 20 persons: 1200,- EUR  
additonal person:     50,- EUR