Forster Kirchenstück - the "Montrachet of the Pfalz"

During the Royal Bavarian Land Evaluation in 1828 (comparable to the Bordeaux Classification of 1855),  the “Forster Kirchenstück” received the highest rating of all German Vineyards. As only eight wineries can claim to be part owners of this 3,7 ha vineyard Kirchenstück-wines are extremely good, extremely scarce and quite expensive. 
In this extraordinary tasting you will taste the “Montrachet of the Pfalz” from all eight owners including the “Grosse Gewächs (literally = Grand Cru) wines from Reichsrat von Buhl, Bassermann-Jordan, Bürklin Wolf and Acham Magin. As an absolute rarity, you will also have the chance to taste the only Eiswein that has ever been produced in this legendary vineyard!  

up to 10 persons:   750,- EUR 
upt to 20 persons:1500,- EUR