Ice Wine - the wine which came in from the cold -

Ice Wine (French: Vin de Glace) is a rare speciality primarily produced in Germany, Austria and Canada.

As Icewine only shows it´s brilliance if it´s made from healthy frozen non- botrytis grapes and picked at a temperature of at least – 8° degrees centigrade those wines cannot be produced every year and only a few vintners are willing to risk it. Unfortunately, you often find cheap Ice Wine in Discounters and supermarkets produced out of rotten grapes harvested by machine which have definitely nothing to do with the real thing!
At it´s best, Ice Wine can develop a complexity and elegance which is unmatched by any other Dessert Wine.       

Taste a selection of outstanding Ice Wine from different Producers, grape varieties and vintages! 

small tasting: 4 ice wines 
up to 10 persons:   350,- EUR 
up to 20 persons:   700,- EUR 

standard: 6 ice Wines 
up to 10 persons:    500,- EUR 
up to 20 persons:  1000,- EUR

exclusive: 8 ice wines
up to 10 persons:    750,- EUR 
up to 20 persons:  1500,- EUR