Deidesheim - capital of wine culture -


“What Bernkastel is for the Mosel and St. Emilion is for Bordeaux
 that´s Deidesheim for the Pfalz !”
Hugh Johnson

1802: The FIRST QUALITY WINE OF THE PFALZ is produced by Andreas Jordan from the Jordan Wine Estate in Deidesheim

2005: Deidesheim is honoured as “WINE TOWN OF THE YEAR” by the Swedish and Finnish wine tasting organization Munskänkarnat (“the cup-bearers”, ).  with over 20.000 members

2009: Deidesheim becomes the first CITTA-SLOW” in Rheinland Pfalz.
The ”Citta Slow” (literally “Slow City”) Organization is part of a cultural near to the Slow Food Movement. Citta-Slow towns commit to improving the quality of life in towns while resisting “the fast-lane, homogenzed world” and supporting the values of the diversity of culture and the specialities of a town” (Wikipedia)

2010: For its leading role in terms of wine quality and culture, Deidesheim is honored with the title “PEAK OF WINE CULTURE” by the German Wine Institute          

It´s true: Deidesheim is Germany´s capital of wine culture!

In this exclusive tasting you will get to know the very best wine estates of Deidesheim (including 3 VDP Estates!) and you learn more about wine, wine culture and wine sensoric! You will taste light and crisp Kabinett, juicy and elegant Spätlese and finally a noble sweet dessert wine!

up to 10 persons: 350,- EUR 
up to 20 persons: 700,- EUR 
additional person:   30,- EUR